Although countertops are one of the last items to be installed, concrete countertops should be selected as early as possible because of the customizability. Here is an outline of the process for:

1. The Creative Phase (2-3 weeks)

Because concrete countertops are completely custom, you will want to allow time for custom color development or matching. This is also when you will choose your shape, edge profile & texture of the concrete, as well as any unique design elements you want to apply, such as stamping or inserts.  We will submit samples for your approval. Allow about 2-3 weeks for this process. Off the shelf colors that are selected without a proof sample eliminate this step.

2. Templating from finished cabinetry (1 day)

Templating is done from finished and installed cabinetry, and it takes less than one day. This is exactly the same as the process for granite.

3. Creation/Fabrication (1-2 weeks)

The typical time required to craft most kitchen and bath concrete countertops, depending on their size and complexity, is 1-2 weeks. Large custom items such as tubs? or stove hoods may take longer.

Note that the actual creation process may not start immediately after templating depending on how full the production schedule is. A good guideline is to contact us at the beginning of the project, or at the latest one month before cabinetry is scheduled to be installed, both to allow time for custom color samples and to secure a spot on the production schedule.

4. Installation (1 day)

As long as your cabinetry is properly installed and leveled, installation generally takes less than one day. This is almost exactly the same as the process for granite.




Our thicknesses range from   ½” – 3” for products like countertops, panels, tiles, and fireplace surrounds.



There is no universal max on overhangs. The shape, weight and the base you use are all variables that will dictate how long of an overhang there can be. Discuss what your needs are with the technician that comes to do your templating.

Have a question? CALL (201)507-0437. OR EMAIL info@concretesurfacesnj.com.

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