After you've settled your estimate price and figured out that you want concrete/what type you'd like, the templates are the first step in the manufacturing process. Someone will be sent out to your home or commercial/industrial property to take measurements and make a plywood template of your desired home improvement in question.

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Upon completion of your templates, they are brought back to the factory so that we may start making the form (mold) to pour your piece. If you require no seams and the piece is very large, or if by some chance it is impossible to make it without doing so on site, we will create the forms on site and pour the pieces there so that the install is nice and easy. This ensures you get exactly what you ask for.

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Upon completion of the pouring phase of the forms, we begin the process of sealing and finishing the piece. If your piece is made in the factory, this step is already completed before installation. If your piece was poured on site, it will have to be sealed and worked on before it is complete and then installed.

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When re/modeling any part of your home, settling for anything less than exactly what you want should not be part of the deal. At Concrete Surfaces, customized color, texture, design & details are all a part of the process in making exactly what you want your concrete countertops to look like. Concrete is more customizable than other solid surfaces. The colors and textures are endless, you can mold it into just about any shape you can imagine, and it retains the advantages of solid surfaces. There are standard Edge Profiles to choose from and there are edges that our artist can fashion for you… your imagination is the limit.

Concrete countertops reflect exquisite style and a one-of-a-kind design. Contrary to popular belief, concrete countertops do not need to be stain-prone and difficult to maintain. They do not have to “develop a patina”. In the past few years, especially in 2004-2005, concrete sealer technology has progressed by leaps and bounds, and sealer manufacturers are recognizing that concrete countertops have unique and stringent performance requirements with regards to staining, heat and scratching. Most concrete countertops actually behave similar to granite with respect to staining. Granite countertops are also porous and have to be sealed and maintained. Most people don’t realize this, because granite is usually too dark and patterned to show stains. Visit our Concrete Countertops NJ Showroom @ 890 Paterson Plank Rd. in East Rutherford or call us at 201-507-0437.

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